MMS Supporting Protocols

MMS Supporting Protocols
MMS, also known as Miracle Mineral Solution and Chlorine Dioxide, has so many beneficial uses. It can be used safely internally as well as externally.

Below you will find additional ways to use MMS to help remove harmful toxins like heavy metals, parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungi. These MMS protocols can also help reduce inflammation which is a cause of pain for so many. 

Some of the MMS protocols call for the use of DMSO. You can learn more about DMSO by clicking here

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MMS Bath Protocol

Bathing in MMS1 (Chlorine Dioxide, ClO2) is one more method of getting it into the body, albeit by a different route, so it can reach other areas and get deeper into tissues.

MMS Foot Bath Protocol

For those who may not have a bathtub, or who are unable to get in and out of a tub for one reason or another, a foot bath is suggested. Foot baths are a wonderful way to relax, and with this method a good amount of MMS can still get into the system and do some good. 

MMS Breathing Treatment Protocol

Getting rid of mucus in the lungs is key to curing the lungs. This protocol is for that purpose. In addition to getting rid of mucus, the chlorine dioxide gas released from the MMS1 (activated MMS) can also kill disease pathogens in the lungs which are not hiding in mucus.

MMS 4 ounce Spray Bottle Protocol

If you have any kind of skin problems, be it skin cancer, eczema, psoriasis, infections or wounds, etc., spraying the skin or wound with MMS is a great help. It is important for skin problems to start right away with spraying the skin as you begin your health recovery.

MMS Patch Protocol

The MMS1 patch is another way to use MMS1 and DMSO topically. This is not the same as Protocol 3000 per se, but it is a variation of how to use MMS1/DMSO externally in an effective way to heal all types of skin issues.

MMS & DMSO 20/20/20 EXTERNAL Protocol

This protocol is a bit more aggressive than Protocol 3000 and even the MMS Patch Protocol however, it can be used in much the same way to help with stiff muscles, cancers, arthritis and aches & pains, etc.

MMS Eye Drop Protocol for Almost ANY Eye Problems:

Cleansing your eyes with MMS can allow them to heal when nothing else will. MMS is very gentle on this delicate part of the body. This formula has proven effective and safe.

MMS Ear Drop Protocol

Cleansing your ears with MMS can allow them to heal when nothing else will. MMS is very gentle on this delicate part of the body. This formula has proven effective and safe.

MMS Nose/Sinus Protocol

The following procedure is effective when a person’s nose is stuffed up, and/or when he has a cold. In addition, this same method will usually work when someone has ongoing sinus troubles and a continuously stuffy nose for weeks or even years. This same technique can be used in addition to Protocol 1000 while overcoming the flu.

MMS Mouth Protocols

MMS Gas Dental Protocol
MMS Mouthwash/ Mouth Rinse Protocol 
MMS Tooth Brushing

Almost all diseases are influenced to a large or small extent by the condition of the mouth and the teeth, therefore all protocols should be accompanied by a daily brushing of one’s teeth with MMS1. It has been shown time and again that MMS1 can restore health to the mouth and in the case of doing these protocols, better results are often noticed when brushing with MMS1, even when the teeth and mouth are in very bad shape.

MMS Daily Bottle Protocol

A fundamental principle of MMS is that hitting the pathogens every hour does not give pathogens time to regroup and build back up, but instead, being constantly hit without a chance to regroup, they die off. 

If for various reasons there is no other choice but to make up an all-day mixture instead of mixing each dose fresh every hour, it is certainly well worth your while, and better than taking no MMS at all. But my recommendation is, if at all possible, stick to mixing fresh hourly doses. You will have a greater chance of getting well much quicker.

MMS Big Bag Protocol

The MMS Big Bag Protocol process in an additional way to get MMS1 chlorine dioxide into and on the body, helping to overcome pathogens, poisons and heavy metals. This gassing process is more intense than using a spray bottle. Use this protocol for skin problems, or to simply get more MMS into your body.

MMS 6 and 6 Protocol

Protocol 6 and 6 is something that can be used on its own—separate from all the other protocols. This protocol consists of taking a 6-drop dose of MMS1 and waiting one hour and then taking another 6-drop dose of MMS1. The purpose of this protocol is to handle many acute things that seem to pop up from time to time such as colds coming on, headaches, fevers, a touch of food poisoning, or any kind of sickness that seems to be just starting, or immediately after being exposed to a bad disease, or germs.

Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) Protocol

Hydrochloric acid (also called HCL) is considered one of the most important fluids (or “juices”) found in the human body. HCL is found inside the stomach and needed for many processes involved in digestive health.

Mold/Fungus Protocol

Under some conditions mold/fungus can spread throughout your body quickly. Sometimes it will make you sick, and other times you may not feel it for days or months. It might even come and go without you ever feeling it. However, don't bet on that, as it can also hang on for months or even years, ruining your health and making you susceptible to many other diseases.

MMS Maintenance Protocol

This Protocol is meant to be used once you finish your detox, that means once you get the health results you’re looking for you might need to continue using MMS.

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