MMS Nose/Sinus Protocol

 MMS Nose/Sinus Protocol 


 MMS1 Formula for the Nose

The following procedure is effective when a person’s nose is stuffed up, and/or when he has a cold. In addition, this same method will usually work when someone has ongoing sinus troubles and a continuously stuffy nose for weeks or even years. This same technique can be used in addition to Protocol 1000 while overcoming the flu.

  • Activate 1 drop of Sodium Chlorite with 1 drop of 4-5% Hydrochloric Acid. Be sure you have waited the correct amount of time (30 seconds) and that the MMS1 liquid has turned amber in color

  • Add 1 ounce/30 ml of NORMAL SALINE or Zero Water to the 1 activated drop

  • This is the basic formula for the nose—1 activated drop to 1 ounce/30 ml of normal saline or zero water. This will last about one week if kept in a bottle with a tight lid and stored in a cool dark place. So be sure to make up a fresh batch each week if needed

  • Lay flat on your back on a bed. Do not put your head on a pillow

  • Put 4 to 8 drops of this solution into one nostril. It will burn a bit as the nose will burn even with plain water, but MMS1 will not do any damage. The idea is to allow some of the MMS1 to drain into your sinuses and stay there for approximately five minutes. You can expect some of this to run out when you stand up. It helps to have a tissue on hand

  • Repeat the above step for the other nostril

Note: Do this 3 times a day until you are well which should not be more than four days in most cases. In the event you are not well in four days, continue until you are well.

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