Macro shot of blue different sized transparent bubbles of hypochlorous acid in water

What is Hypochlorous Acid?

Everything you need to know about Hypochlorous Acid in under 5 minutes

We're kicking it back to the basics with everything you need to know about hypochlorous acid. This video is jam-packed with the fastest chemistry lesson ever, a fun pronunciation guide, the recipe for making your own hypochlorous acid, and more--all under 5 minutes! Plus, you'll learn some new words to impress your friends with.

"The New AIDS"

Because prions are so difficult to kill, and because they've been identified in the blood supply, some are calling prion diseases "the new AIDS." 




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I have the EcoOne generator and wondering where I learn about the optimal ppm for internal use and the daily dosing / quantity/ how long day.. one day a week? and timing around food etc. I saw the protocol listed here and don’t see this appears to be for a powdered form and does not incl ppm Huge thanks in advance!!!

Abbey Mitchell

@Teri Walker,

You can make your own Hypochlorous Acid at home with just water, kosher salt and a Eco One Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) Generator.
To learn more please visit:


I too am interested in this generator.
I live I British Columbia.
Please send me info.
Sincerely, Teri Walker


Thank you for details reply. You solved my problem and I will continued use MMS2. You are kindly person.
Bless you and hope you have nice day.



No it’s not new, hypochlorous acid benefits have been known for a long time. Unfortunately, some organizations have hidden the news of its benefits from the world.

Chlorine Dioxide is important in helping remove the harmful pathogens from the body. Hypochlorous Acid will help the immune system to rebuild. So they each have a very important function. Jim Humble refers to HOCl (MMS2) as the Hammer, meaning it may prove beneficial to those people who are very sick with compromised immune systems and can’t seem to complete their healing on Chlorine Dioxide alone.

For anything prion related you may want to add Advanced TRS, a liquid Nano particulates, powerful Clinoptilolite Zeolite detox for body and brain. You can find the link for it under the Body Cleanses/Toxin Binders tab.

You Had Me at TRUTH (Lana)

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