DMSO - Allergy Test

DMSO Allergy Test
DMSO - Allergy Test (liver)

Very, very few people, usually those with weak livers, are allergic to DMSO. To check whether or not you are allergic perform this test:

  • Use plain water (do not use soap) and wash and dry a spot on your arm. Just above or below the elbow works well

  • Add 1 drop of DMSO (with a clean finger) to the spot on your arm and rub it in.

  • Give the DMSO about 15 minutes to soak in and allow the area to dry.

If there is no pain in your liver area within 24 hours, it is
probably safe for you to use DMSO, which will be the case
for 999 out of 1000 people.

Since MMS1 heals the liver, if you have already been
taking MMS1 for more than a week your liver will probably
tolerate DMSO with no problem.

If you do experience pain in the liver after applying
DMSO, I suggest you work on improving the condition of
your liver by doing the Starting Procedure and then
Protocol 1000. If you are already on a protocol, but still
have a bad reaction to DMSO, simply continue with the
protocol and after a few days repeat the same test again
and it should show tolerance to DMSO. If you fail the test
a second time, continue with the protocol and try the test
every couple of days until you pass it. There has never
been a report of DMSO doing any kind of permanent
damage to a human since it was discovered.



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