MMS Douche Protocol

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MMS Douche Protocol

by Jim Humble

This Protocol is recommended for vaginal problems, bad infections, as well as cancer and most other diseases and problems (such as fibroids, polyps, and cysts) of the female reproductive organs (ovaries, uterus, and breast). In the case of breast cancer, the cervix absorbs the MMS1 and carries it to the lymphatic system and into the breast. MMS1 in the douche will kill pathogens in the area allowing the body to create health there. Overall, douches are only necessary when something needs to be corrected.

The following instructions assume one knows how to do a douche. If not, please sufficiently educate yourself on the process before following this protocol.

Step 1

  • You will need a 2 cup/500 ml douche bag. You can use a larger douche bag, but it is not necessary to use more than 2 cups/500 ml of water.
  • Prepare your solution. Start out with 5 drops of MMS1 to the 2 cups/500 ml of purified, distilled or reverse osmosis water. Like the enema, 4% HCl, is the preferred activator acid to use with a douche, although citric acid 50% can be used. It is best to warm the water for the douche to body temperature.
  • When doing the douche let water flow in until it starts to run out again, then close the flow. (The tube with your douche bag usually comes with a clamp for opening and closing the water flow.)
  • Squeeze the pelvic/vaginal muscles to hold it in as long as possible, and then release. Repeat this process until the bag is empty.

Step 2

  • If you have no adverse reactions, then increase the amount of drops of MMS1 for the next douche.
  • The next time add 10 activated drops to the water you pour into the douche bag, and keep increasing up to 30 drops as long as there is no pain or problem, but do not use more than 30 drops. Increase to this amount slowly.

Adding DMSO to a Douche

  • Your douche can be more effective with the use of DMSO, which can help the MMS1 penetrate deeper into the tissues. Add 3 drops of DMSO to every 1 drop of MMS1 you are using in your bag.

Caution: When adding DMSO to a douche it is important that you have a douche bag that is not made from rubber or latex (which is a refined form of rubber). There are various kinds of douche containers available, if you want to add DMSO use one that is made of plastic (including the hose), not of rubber, as the rubber may leach into the body along with DMSO.


  • If you experience burning and or stinging this is usually an indication that fungus is present. In this case, I suggest doing a clay douche. Use 1 level teaspoon of clay (Aztec clay, bentonite, clay, or montmorillonite clay) in 2 cups of water for your douche. Keep the douche container well shook up for these clay douches. Do two or three clay douches a day and always “wash out” the clay (using the douche bag and clean water) after one hour. After three days you can check to see if the fungus is gone by using the same MMS solution that initially caused the burning and/or stinging. If you no longer feel stinging and/or burning, this means that the fungus is gone but further non clay douches may be needed. You can continue with your MMS douches as per the instructions in this Douche Protocol.
  • In case of cancer or bad infections you can douche 4 to 5 times a day (work up to this). Be sure that the douching does not cause irritation.
  • Normally, douche 1 to 4 times a day, depending on the severity of the problem. One time a day may be enough. It is up to you to determine how many times each day. Remember the rule, as long as you are improving do not stop, but don’t continue if there is no benefit.
  • Do your last douche of the day before bedtime for absorption and detoxing as you sleep. Remember, if after about a week you do not see any improvement, do not continue, but do continue as long as there is improvement.
  • Anytime you are doing the Douche Protocol, it is always a good idea to be taking the oral protocol, either Protocol 1000 or the Low and Slow Protocol.


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