MMS Patch Protocol

MMS Patch Protocol
MMS Patch Protocol

The MMS1 patch is another way to use MMS1 and DMSO topically. This is not the same as Protocol 3000 per se, but it is a variation of how to use MMS1/DMSO externally in an effective way to heal all types of skin issues. There has been much success with many types of tumors, cancer tumors, and infections such as MRSA, diabetic ulcers, and other skin diseases. It has brought relief to pain areas especially when cancer is present. While Protocol 3000 is one way to absorb chlorine dioxide into the body, through the skin, the patch is designed to target a specific area of the skin.

 MMS Solution:

•10 drops sodium chlorite
•10 drops hydrochloric acid
Wait 30-45 seconds…then add:
•10 drops DMSO
•10 drops of distilled/purified water

  • Clean the area on the skin where patch is to be applied with distilled/purified water and a white washcloth or use the MMS spray bottle protocol.
  • Submerse an organic/sterile cotton gauze pad in the solution until all the liquid is absorbed into the gauze pad.
  • Apply to affected area for 10-20 minutes, work your way up. Use a new patch each time. Rotate the patch to different areas of the body to reduce sensitivity. DMSO works systematically so it won’t matter where you apply it.

  • You may apply the Patch Protocol 3-5 times daily as long as there is no irritation. To avoid irritation, wipe solution off with purified water.
  • For areas where the skin is broken, use the patch near the area but not directly on it as the DMSO may cause irritation to the broken skin.

Note: Check for sensitivity with DMSO before starting the Patch Protocol. 

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