Hypochlorous Acid Foot Bath Protocol

Hypochlorous Acid Foot Bath

Hypochlorous Acid Foot Bath Protocol

Hypochlorous Acid is formulated to the same pH as your skin. It has no degreasing effect on the skin, does not sting, irritate or crack the feet when applied and is capable of killing a broad spectrum of bacteria, viruses and spores.

The solution, which is formulated to synthesize the same product produced by the human defense mechanism to fight infection, does not contain hazardous ingredients and can be used on virtually any surface including skin, food preparation areas and everyday surfaces.

HOCl formulations are the ultimate combination of safety and efficacy that deliver unparalleled results across countless industries from baby care and skincare to plant care and pet care. It’s true that ‘Mother Nature created HOCl and humans perfected it.’ Now we’re bringing it to you in a convenient, easy to use protocol.


Use a small, plastic tub (one where you can rest both of your feet comfortably flat on the bottom of the tub) and fill it with warm (almost “too hot”) water up to ankle height.

1. Start by thoroughly mixing 2 rounded teaspoons (12ml) of Calcium hypochlorite powder into the warm water. The second time you do the foot bath, you may (carefully) increase to 4 teaspoons. If you aren’t experiencing any burning sensations or sensitivity, you may proceed to increase the dose to 6 teaspoons (36ml) per bath. If you do have burning, remove your feet and rinse them with clean, fresh, purified water. Try again with a lower dose the next time. 

2. Let your feet sit in the water for at least 30 minutes.

3. Complete this foot bath up to 3 times per day, if needed. Remember to do the bath at least one time per day if you experience positive results.

4. Adding a little Sea salt, Celtic Salt or Himalayan salts to your foot soak water is a great idea to get trace minerals for electrolyte balance. These trace minerals alkalize the body and they also provide the cells with micro-nutrients that are essential to health and well-being but that are absent from filtered water and the foods that we eat every day.

You may have noticed that the HOCl Foot Bath and HOCl Bath Protocol uses the same amount of Calcium Hypochlorite...that is not a typo. Certain parts of the body are much more sensitive than the feet so we have you using a lesser amount in the bathtub. The amount given for the HOCl Bath Protocol is a safe amount even for children. 

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