MMS Big Bag Protocol

MMS Big Bag Protocol

(The MMS Big Bag Protocol can be substituted as one of your daily 8+ hourly oral protocols. As such you should treat it with the same rules as an oral protocol. Do not eat or drink anything for 20-30 minutes, wait one hour before the next MMS protocol)

This process in an additional way to get MMS1 chlorine dioxide into and on the body, helping to overcome pathogens, poisons and heavy metals. This gassing process is more intense than using a spray bottle.

Caution: Avoid breathing in any of the fumes. Controlled skin contact of MMS1 is ok, but your lungs can not tolerate much chlorine dioxide gas. Open a window in the room while you are doing this. If you happen to breathe in a few breaths of MMS1 fumes, you may not have much of a reaction at first, but should you breathe it in, it is possible that some time later (four hours or so), you may experience difficulty in breathing for awhile. It is best to avoid directly breathing it in to begin with.

Instructions for MMS1 Big Bag Protocol

This procedure can be done 2 times a day, over a period of a few days if needed. One will need to start out with a certain number of activated drops and build up the amount over three days. Be sure to carefully read and have a good understanding of each point below before attempting this protocol.

As Jim states in the video, the Chlorine Dioxide gasses can penetrate clothing however, we recommend going in nude for the most benefit. 

Step 1
  • Take two large garbage bags (the big black ones work best) and make one bag out of them. Lay them on a table, or on the floor, join them together at the opening of each bag. At this junction tape them all the way around with 2” (5cm) wide shipping/packaging tape so that the mouth of each bag is taped to the other, making one long bag. (You might start by using small pieces of tape to hold them together, and then tape them all the way around with wide tape, taping first one side and then the other.)
  • Cut one end of the bag open, and then check to see that it is not stuck together in the center where you taped the two bags together.
  • You can also purchase a plastic twin size mattress cover from a moving store, cut it down to size if needed. 

Step 2
  • Open the bag and step into it. At this point it helps to have a chair handy, so you can sit down. With your feet in the bag, pull it up to about waist high, then sit down on the chair and prepare your drops.
  • On the first day, put 20 drops of MMS and 20 drops 4-5% Hydrochloric Acid in a cup, and immediately (don’t wait to count 30 seconds) set the cup inside the bag so that it rests on the floor near your feet, being careful not to let it spill.
  • Carefully stand up and pull the bag up around your shoulders and neck, wrapping and folding the plastic so that no fumes escape.
Caution: Do not put your head inside the bag or breathe any of the fumes.

Step 3
  • The first day, stay in the bag five minutes, no longer. If you feel any burning sensation on your skin, get out of the bag immediately, even if five minutes has not passed. (In this case, rinse off and/or shower.)
  • Repeat this entire procedure 1 more time the first day, (in other words, 2 times a day).

Step 4
  • As long as there is no irritation to skin, do this procedure for two more days. On the second day use 30 activated drops, and on the third day use 40 activated drops. As long as there is no irritation to the skin, you can extend the time in the bag up to 10 minutes, but no longer. If you feel any burning sensation on your skin, get out of the bag immediately and shower off. With or without a burning sensation, do not surpass 10 minutes in the bag. There is no need to shower after this process unless there is a burning sensation.

Step 5
  • If things are going well, you can keep it up for a few more days until you can determine if it is helping or not. If you notice improvement, keep it up as long as it is helping.

  • Use this protocol for skin problems, or to simply get more MMS into your body. If it is helping, remember, keep it up!
  • This protocol does count towards one of your 8+ protocols for the day

  • You cannot use CDS or CDH for this protocol.

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