MMS & DMSO 20/20/20 EXTERNAL Protocol

MMS & DMSO 20/20/20 Protocol
MMS & DMSO 20/20/20 EXTERNAL Protocol

This protocol is a bit more aggressive than Protocol 3000 and even the MMS Patch Protocol however, it can be used in much the same way to help with stiff muscles, cancers, arthritis and aches & pains, etc.



  • Get a CLEAN, DRY shot glass or a small GLASS cup. It must be GLASS!


  • Add 20 Drops of Sodium Chlorite and 20 Drops of Hydrochloric Acid, let it activate or turn yellow/amber for 20-30 seconds, then add 20 drops of DMSO directly on top of the solution [NO WATER]


  • Do not be alarmed if you see some steam/smoke coming from the glass, that’s just basic chemistry at work


  • Swirl the cup around until it’s mixed well. Once mixed, dip your clean fingers in and apply liberally to the affected area. Rub it in and let it air dry.


  • The solution should feel slightly warm when you apply it, enjoy the all natural Icy Hot!


Note: When using DMSO the skin should be free and clear of lotions, perfumes, perspiration, etc. Anything DMSO comes into contact with will carry it into the skin. Take off any jewelry that might come into contact with the solution. Also, if you wear nail polish, it will take it off. You can protect your nails and hands by wearing plastic food handler gloves or food bag material like a baggie. The material should have no stretch to it like latex does. DMSO will eat through latex and this could potentially be absorbed into the body. Perform a 24 hour test with the 20/20/20 solution on the plastic glove you wish to use and if there is no breakdown of the material, it is probably safe to use. You may use a brush to apply this solution however, the bristles must not be synthetic in nature, only use a natural bristled brush.   

Wash the area you will be applying the 20/20/20 mixture with good, plain water like distilled, Zero or reverse osmosis. Do not use soap unless it is of a natural kind. Remember, do not put anything on the skin that you wouldn't put inside your body. Many people are fine leaving the solution on their skin and yet others find it necessary to wipe it off after 10-20 minutes to avoid skin irritation. You may use this protocol several times throughout the day but you need to rotate the areas of use. Don't worry, DMSO works systemically which means no matter where you apply it is working throughout your entire body. Wash your hands with plain water or an all natural soap after you are done applying the 20/20/20. 

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