MMS Maintenance Protocol

MMS Maintenance Protocol
MMS Maintenance Protocol

A daily maintenance dose of MMS is very important. With the tremendous amount of toxins, poisons and other health hazards that cause disease in today’s society, prevention is essential to help one enjoy a healthy and balanced life. MMS1 can help you reach this goal. A good time to take your maintenance dose is before bedtime, which aids the detoxification process during sleep. In times of stress or when local sickness is “going around” flu, coughs, colds, etc., or anytime you have extra exposure to toxins, such as during travels, and so on, it is suggested to double the maintenance dose. That is, if you take a daily maintenance dose and you have extra exposure, take it twice a day (morning and evening) instead of once. If you take a maintenance dose 3 times a week, instead take it daily during these times.

This Protocol is meant to be used once you finish your detox, that means once you get the health results you’re looking for you might need to continue using MMS.

On a daily basis you are still exposed to toxins and parasites, this comes from the food you eat, the water you drink and bathe in. For instance if you work in an environment where there are a lot of toxins, you might want to take a protocol in the morning before work and at night before bed.

Other people like to set up a schedule and take 3 to 5 protocols a week.

Some people choose to only use MMS once they feel symptoms coming on (aches, pains, allergies, etc.)

The choice is yours as to how you will set up your maintenance. There is no perfect science, everyone’s body is different and everyone has different needs.

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