MMS Beginners Guide

What is MMS:

MMS is the combination of two chemicals – Sodium Chlorite (22.4% - 28%) and Hydrochloric Acid (4-5%), the latter of which our body makes to digest food.  When you combine the two they become “activated” and the molecular structure becomes Chlorine Dioxide or what we call MMS.  

Pioneers of MMS:

MMS is known by several names –Miracle Mineral Solution, Master Mineral Solution or CD which stands for Chlorine Dioxide.  MMS has been used world-wide therapeutically since 1996. On this channel (@MMSChlorineDioxide) we only focus on MMS. The pioneers of MMS are Jim Humble, Mark Grenon and Kerri Rivera for her work with autism. Andreas Kalcker pioneered Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS). CDS uses the same substances but is made and to some extent administered differently.  

What Does MMS Do:

MMS is a broad spectrum detoxifier which is effective against heavy metals and chemicals, pathogens including viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi, mucous, biofilm, tumors and cancers. MMS is taken orally and administered externally (through the skin). We also include in many of our protocols Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) which is a powerful therapeutic. Though the MMS mechanism of action on the various toxins is different, the end result is that the toxins are neutralized and the body flushes them out through urination, defecation, perspiration and sometimes in other ways. As toxins are flushed out of your body, your immune system initiates a reset and begins the healing process. It should be noted that both MMS and your body’s immune system work in tandem toward the healing process of illness and disease. MMS is used as a therapeutic for both humans and animals. 

The Basic Dose of MMS:

The dose is simply taking a glass and adding a drop of sodium chlorite and a drop of hydrochloric acid. Tip the glass so the liquid mixes and the activation process begins. Wait about 20 seconds for the mixture to turn a yellow to amber color depending on how many drops are used. Add 4 ounces of distilled water or water that tests out at 0-5 ppm Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and drink it. We recommend, they have a variety of great products that do an amazing job of purifying your regular tap water and turning that liquid poison into liquid gold (we are NOT AFFILIATED with Zero Water in any way)

Roadmap to Healing:

The MMS protocols we follow are generally ones from Jim Humble and Mark Grenon. The basic process using MMS is 1 dose every hour for 8 hours daily. Generally, you start off with the “Low and Slow” Protocol working your way from ¼ activated drop to 1 activated drop (hence forth we’ll just refer to it as a drop and leave out the “activated” word). This is done for 2 weeks. This gets your body adjusted to using MMS and initiates detoxification.

You can start out at 1 drop if you like but if you’re advancing on your drops too quickly, the body can’t filter out the toxins fast enough. This is when you may experience a 
Herxheimer Reaction which could cause nausea, vomiting, headaches, diarrhea or excessive tiredness to name a few. In this case you would drop down to the ½ Drop Protocol or take a day off if it’s that bad. You can also drink a glass of orange juice to counteract the reaction. Then you go at it again working your way up to 1 drop.

We suggest using Toxin Binders during your MMS detox. These will help flush the toxins out more thoroughly and not get recycled back into your system. We suggest you pick two from the list. We love the Cilantro/Chlorella and Advanced TRS! If you've had or have cancer you will want to choose Modified Citrus Pectin. 

After 2 weeks, regardless of if you’ve hit the 1 drop mark, you would stop the protocol and do Cleansing of the Detox Pathways where you will be working your way through a Colon, Parasite, Kidney and Liver Cleanse. 

A liver cleanse is highly recommended as this is your primary filter and you’re going to be asking it to do a lot of work for you in the coming days. Years of toxins that have built up throughout your body will go through the liver.

After completing the liver cleanse it’s time to advance to “Protocol 1000” where the goal is to reach 3 drops every hour for eight hours daily. This protocol is set for 21 days on 3 drops but if your illness or disease is not remedied then you keep going past the 21 days until you’re satisfied. The 21 days is basically set for the life cycle of parasites as you’re killing off mature and newborn parasites over time until you get them all. Some people never make it to 3 drops so they do what they can for as long as they need to but 3 drops is optimal. It should be noted that heavy metals generally take anywhere from 45 days to 3 months to oxidize depending on your level of heavy metal exposure. Only you would know if you’ve been excessively exposed such as working in an environment with heavy metals or just general exposure like most of us. If detoxing heavy metals is your primary goal and you feel you’ve only had general exposure then 2 months on Protocol 1000 may be all that’s needed. While on Protocol 1000 you should continue with the toxin binders

When you begin adding DMSO into your activated drops then that is called “Protocol 1000 Plus”. Amanda D. Vollmer wrote an excellent book titled “Healing with DMSO” and this protocol is considered the gold standard for DMSO therapy. There are protocols that go beyond these but they are generally only for the really tough diseases or special situations and for that you should seek the advice of the admins on this channel when the time comes. However, DMSO is used extensively both internally and externally during the Protocol 1000 phase and beyond.  


As mentioned earlier the water taken with the protocols is either distilled or water that tests out at 0-5 ppm TDS. We HIGHLY recommend buying a Zero Water Pitcher, we are NOT AFFILIATED. If you have neither of these then you can use other water but understand that some of the MMS will sacrifice itself to clean the water and you’ll not get the full benefit of the dose. Throughout the day be sure to drink plenty of clean pure water in order to keep up with the toxins being neutralized. If the body doesn’t have enough water to flush them out then you get herxheimer reactions.(We Do Not recommend using Berkey or Kangen water filtration systems for use with MMS)


Chlorine Dioxide is an oxidant and many healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, coffee, tea, chocolate, supplements and more are antioxidants which will cancel out the chlorine dioxide. During the day when you’re taking your doses, minimize any antioxidants. Click HERE TO VIEW THE ANTIOXIDANT LIST. One hour after your last dose of the day you can eat and drink anything you want including supplements and vitamins. This will give the body time to process these antioxidants before you start your protocol the next day. If you eat a meal in-between doses then allow 1-2 hours (depending on how many antioxidant foods you have eaten) after you finish eating to start your doses again. If you’re unsure if a food is an antioxidant then just do an internet search. There are some foods or herbs that are extremely high in antioxidants and may not flush out by the next day, Moringa Leaf is one of them. 

General Guidelines

  • Read the pinned messages at the top of the MMS DRINKING BUDDY channel on Telegram. 
  • There you will find videos to watch and where you can order books and supplies. These pinned messages are meant to “fast track” learning and preparation.
  • Join our parent channel MMS CHLORINE DIOXIDE RESOURCES. This is where we store our library of testimonials and protocols.
  • For autism we have a private channel on Telegram by request. Reach out to as there are a few questions we ask to make sure you are eligible to join. It’s a highly protected group. 
  • Unless you’ve done extensive detoxing, you have a lifetime of toxins built up in your body including parasites. While some people experience satisfying results fairly quickly, it’s not the norm. It may take some time but know you have a lot of people on this channel that are experiencing it with you and supporting you on your journey. Stick with it and you will see results.
  • As you advance through the protocols you will be able to wean yourself off your prescriptions. Work with the Admins as you do.
  • If you choose to include vitamins and supplements then use those that are USDA Organic and of stellar quality. If the label says USDA Organic then it’s automatically NON-GMO. NON-GMO however does not mean it’s also USDA Organic. We use Piping Rock and iHerb for a lot of the supplements we recommend. 

Final Advice:  

Though at first look this may seem complicated, it’s really not. Once you understand the rules and are familiar with the various oral and external protocols you’ll be able to tailor your plan to what works for you at any given time. As always the Admins are here to assist you on from 9 AM PST - 9 PM PST Monday - Saturday. You have all the support you need, you just have to decide to move forward and learn! You’ve got this! 


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