MMS Eye Drop Protocol

MMS Eye Drops
MMS Eye Drop Protocol for Almost ANY Eye Problems

(Cataracts, Glaucoma, Stye, Dry Eye, Pink Eye, Macular Degeneration, etc.)

If you wear contact lenses, please remove prior to using the MMS eye drops and wait 30 minutes before putting back in. 

*You CANNOT use MMS in the eyes with artificial lens

  • 1 ACTIVATED drop of MMS in 2 ounces of NORMAL SALINE or Zero Water
  • or 2 ACTIVATED drops of MMS in 4 ounces of NORMAL SALINE or Zero Water
  • Slowly put 5-10 drops in each eye while blinking to spread it around
  • This mixture lasts a couple of days if it’s in a GLASS dropper bottle with a tight lid and kept in a cool dark place
  • You might want to make a new mixture every couple of days to guarantee freshness and potency
  • You may use the MMS eye drops 3-4 times a day. Some people have used it more often than that with great results

  • Use the same mixture and procedure for children

Note: This formula has proven effective and safe, a good rule of thumb is if the eye drops sting or burn more than just a few seconds or to an uncomfortable degree then it would be best to dilute your solution with additional Normal Saline or Zero Water.

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